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The Power behind: Hand-Eye-Calibration

This video shows how SensoPart's Hand-Eye-Calibration works in a production scenario and how it makes processes in the automotive industry more efficient. "Hand-Eye-Calibration" is an effective method to calibrate sensors mounted on the robot arm, such as in automated gripping or screwing of objects. A major advantage of this method is that in applications with a camera mounted on the robot arm, this flexibility can be used to move the workspace in the robot workspace. This results in a high degree of flexibility. To make the most of this advantage, special functions such as "Trigger Robotic" are available to inform the VISOR® of the changed position. All calculations are then carried out taking this new position into account. It should be noted that the calibration itself does not become more accurate - the exact position is, however, a prerequisite for successful calibration in the first place. More information:
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