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Versatile monitoring with VISOR®

New design, additional functions: SensoPart equips its VISOR® range of vision sensors with an upgraded version of the SensoWeb monitoring software. Differentiated statistical evaluations can now also be displayed in addition to the current status.

For the past five years, SensoPart’s VISOR® series of vision sensors has been equipped with the pre-installed monitoring software SensoWeb, allowing convenient monitoring of running sensors in common web browsers. In combination with an external wireless router, the results can also be output on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, as well as on standard machine operating panels. SensoWeb has been completely redesigned: a new feature of version 2022 is the variable display mode, which adapts to small and large screen diagonals. In terms of user navigation, the software has also been given a makeover to match the look and feel of the SensoPart website and other SensoPart tools (e.g. SensoCalc for field of view calculation). Besides the fresh modern appearance, the software is now even more straightforward and user-friendly. “Our users are impressed by the new design of SensoWeb”, declares Marcus Koslik, Product Manager Vision at SensoPart.

Enhanced statistical functions
It is not just the design that has changed as the functions of SensoWeb have also been considerably enhanced. Whereas it was previously only possible to call up a good/bad overall result for each test job in addition to the live picture, aggregated data can now be output for each detector in the form of histograms or percentage values. This means that detailed information on the process history is available alongside the current status. The user can configure which elements are to be displayed and thus design their own monitoring tool.
Like the previous version, the new SensoWeb software is tamper-proof. The screen only displays the data, with no access to sensor configuration. Unauthorised intervention on the part of the operator is thus reliably excluded. The new software version is already pre-installed on all new deliveries of VISOR® variants (VISOR® Object, VISOR® Robotic, VISOR® Code Reader and VISOR® Allround) and is also available for free download as part of a comprehensive software upgrade.

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