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The standard for Industry 4.0


What is IO-Link?

Sensors are being used in more and more complex tasks in the course of the 4th industrial revolution. To make full use of the sensor’s performance capacity, IO-Link now enables communication down to the lowest field level.


IO-Link is a worldwide standardised IO communication technology (IEC61131-9) for cross-manufacturer fieldbus-independent communication with sensors and actuators. Point-to-point connection is carried out using an unshielded cable connection of max. 20m in length. IO-Link is not a fieldbus but the further development of the previously established connection technology. IO-Link can be integrated in existing fieldbuses through appropriate interfaces.


  • Diagnosis
    Information on operating hours, switching cycles, hardware errors and signal quality enable quick reaction and targeted maintenance. This can avoid downtimes.
  • SmartFunctions
    Useful additional functions such as on/off delay, pulse, counter and frequency monitoring enable optimum application adjustment.
  • Communication
    Standardised technology enables error-free, fast signal transmission. Incorrect or missing measurement values are therefore excluded. It is even possible to adjust the sensor while a process is running.
  • Easy to use
    Simple sensor parameter settings, e.g. via SensoIO, and fast device replacement thanks to a connected IO-Link master in which the last parameter settings are saved.


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