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Colour, contrast and luminescence sensors

A proven method of identifying objects is the application of coloured markings which are then analysed by a colour or contrast sensor. This also enables reliable detection of objects with changing shape and surface characteristics. SensoPart offers sensors with five different principles of function.

  • VISOR Color - Prüfung von Blistern auf Vollständigkeit und richtige Farbe EN
    Checking blister packs for complete contents and correct colour
  • FT 25-C - Detektion von Farbe und Kontrastmarken EN
    Detection of colour and contrast markings
  • FT 25 - Präzise Erkennung beliebiger Druckmarken EN
    Accurate recognition of any printing marks
  • FT 50 C-UV - Prüfung der Etiketten auf Anwesenheit und/oder richtige Farbe EN
    Check for presence and/or correct colour of labels


  • Efficient part detection, object identification and tracking
  • VISOR® Colour also enables full surface inspection of colours
  • Accurate and high-speed detection of the subtlest differences in colour and grey values as well as non-colours
  • Accurate and fast printing mark detection
  • Detection of luminescent colours and luminophores
  • Numerous outputs and interfaces for easy integration in machine control systems




VISOR Vision colour sensors

VISOR® Color

Colour sensor FT 25-C

FT 25-C colour sensor

farbsensor ft 55 cm

FT 55-CM colour sensor

White-light colour sensor FT 50 C

FT 50 C white-light colour sensor

Contrast sensor FT 25

FT 25 contrast sensor

Luminescence sensor FT 50-C-UV

FT 50 C-UV luminescence sensor

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