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Seamless communication between VISOR® and KUKA KRC4 controller.

VISOR® Robotic and KUKA App

A direct connection between VISOR® and KUKA robots

Thanks to the VISOR® Robotic KUKA App, communication between the VISOR® and robot can be set up in just a few simple steps, making configuration of automation tasks particularly quick and easy.

The app – developed for usage with KRC4 controllers – allows direct data exchange between VISOR® Robotic and the KUKA robot. No additional KUKA packages are required. Thanks to a series of basic commands, you can supply object coordinates straight to the KRL programme. And this is done directly on the KUKA smartPAD.

In addition to process data, the app shows live images and enables the creation and management of backups. Image processing with VISOR® Robotic is carried out as usual in the VISOR® PC software.

VISOR® Robotic with KUKA App Brochure (pdf, 410.77 KB)
VISOR® Robotic KUKA App V1.2.3 VISOR® Robotic Interface (zip, 4.89 MB)