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Simple solutions for diverse measuring tasks

Many processes involve the measurement of analog values, such as the distance or thickness of an object.  SensoPart distance sensors using triangulation or time-of-flight technology are ideally suited for such applications. If it is necessary to check specific geometrical characteristics of components, our vision sensors offer simple options for detecting the value in question, and thanks to simple calibration the result can be output in the required metric unit.

Typical applications

Distance sensor for every situation

Designed with a small, accurate light spot, a high level of repeatability and very fast response times, the FT 25-RLA in miniature format is ideal for measuring applications on any type of surface, for example thickness measurement of O-rings or double layer detection on parts.

Specialist for precision measurement tasks in confined spaces

The FT 10-RLA demonstrates outstanding ability even in extremely cramped installation conditions. As the smallest optical distance sensor in the world, it is ideally suited to challenging measurement tasks, for example, during the assembly of semi-conductor devices or in robotics applications.

Multi-skilled allrounder

Able to reliably detect any type of surface, from deep black to high gloss, at ranges extending from 600 mm to 1 m, the FT 55-RLAM is a top class distance sensor. Thanks to its versatile connectivity (analogue output, two switching outputs, IO-Link and optional RS485 interface), the sensor can be used for extremely diverse applications.

Precise measurement from every angle

In addition to reliable object detection, VISOR® Object is also suited to measurement tasks. Thanks to the use of a simple calibration plate, image errors and distortions can be easily corrected and measured values are conveniently converted and output in metric values. Distances or geometries, for example circle radii or areas, can be easily determined through functions, such as the calliper and area-based detectors.

Safe travel for electric monorail systems

In automotive manufacturing, optical collision prevention sensors are used for distance control and collision avoidance in electric monorail systems. With its large operating range of up to 6 meters and its large detection range, the FR 85 Rail Pilot is particularly suitable for this purpose. The sensor guarantees collision-free transport of the car body parts as well as optimized suspension density in the congested area.


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