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Application example

Robot-assisted refueling of AGVs (with Target Mark 3D)

The task

Utilizing robotic assistance, AGVs can be automatically refueled or recharged. The robot will dock the charging system or fuel port to the AGV, streamlining the process.

The challenge

In order for the robot to perform the task, it requires the position of the retracted AGV. However, it can be challenging to obtain adequate position information the camera system needs from the object or the vehicle.

Our solution

The Target Mark 3D technology solves this problem by attaching a coded marker to the self-driving transport system. The VISOR® Robotic effortlessly detects the Target Mark 3D without complex image processing. It then acquires the complete positional information of the AGV and the fuel port. Additionally, the ID functionality allows for capturing the AGV identification and initiates specific operational steps.

Your advantages

  • With a simple setup, the Target Mark 3D can be installed in the vision sensor in just one click, allowing for automated processing without needing expert knowledge.
  • The VISOR® delivers accurate X/Y and angle information without complex calculations on the robot controller, thanks to fully automatable hand-eye calibration.
  • The compact design of the VISOR® hardware is ideal for direct attachment to the robot gripper.
  • Wiring is simplified with features like AIDA-compliant, robot-friendly push-pull cables.
  • Integration with leading robotics systems is seamless, offering functions such as:
--- Automated calibration to the robot coordinate system
--- Automated validation of position data
--- Standardized coordinate transmission.

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