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Minimal height differences in full view.

Multishot technology

A clear view of previously invisible details

Raised or recessed object details – such as embossed digits and characters on a credit card – are difficult to detect with standard image processing methods. Even use of lateral lighting generally results in poorly identifiable contours due to overexposure and shadows. The solution comes in the shape of SensoPart’s VISOR® vision sensor series with the new multishot function.

With the help of the Multishot technology, contours now stand out clearly so that raised or recessed letters and digits can be easily read, e.g. using the vision sensor’s OCR function.

Changing background colors – a frequent occurrence in the packaging industry – can be eliminated entirely from image processing thanks to multishot technology. Analysis is then based solely on detected height differences.

Finally, a VISOR® equipped with the multishot function can also take and analyze a picture with a standard lighting configuration, in addition to a height image, as it is possible to simply switch between multishot and standard lighting at any time. This therefore also enables part inspection with traditional image processing tools, such as pattern matching, contour detection, distance measurement or code reading.

Typical applications

  • Reading of data matrix codes moulded directly into plastic surfaces
  • Detection of damage such as dents or scratches
  • Recognition of raised adhesive beads on the same coloured background
  • Elimination of changing backgrounds (e.g. in packaging industry)

The following application examples compare images taken with multishot technology (pictured at the bottom) and without (pictured at the top):

Detecting defects

Detection of defects on shiny surfaces


Reading of raised or recessed digits/characters using OCR

Needled data matrix codes

Reading of needled data matrix codes on highly reflective surfaces

Moulded data matrix codes

Reading of data matrix codes moulded directly into plastic surfaces

Vision Systems Design Innovators Award 2017

Our VISOR® Vision sensor with multishot technology was honoured with a Silver Level Award by the judges of this year's Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards, which were announced at the AUTOMATE 2017 trade fair in Chicago.


Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards