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BlueLight Technology

Blue misses nothing

Developed specifically for recognising objects that are difficult to detect, BlueLight sensors are true all-rounders. The BlueLight series offers much greater detection efficiency than standard optical sensors in challenging applications – whether with extremely shiny, strongly light-absorbing or highly transparent objects.

Blue light makes black visible

Transparent, shiny and deep black parts present enormous challenges for proximity sensors. Sufficient process stability cannot always be achieved during detection, in which case optical sensors ultimately have to be replaced by other sensor principles (photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors etc.). Optical blue light sensors represent a cost-efficient alternative to such complex solutions, and offer much greater process stability than conventional red light proximity sensors in many critical applications.

The sensor achieves very high process stability thanks to its instantaneous response, regardless of the shape, color or structure of the object to be detected. Some applications can even involve a combination of several critical factors, e.g. black objects with a high gloss surface and a wide detection angle. Even when faced with such multiple challenges, blue light sensors have repeatedly proven their worth.

Applications & Industies

Automotive industry

  • Robust identification of metal objects with high-gloss surface
  • Detection of deep black components

Packaging industry

  • Detection of transparent film / containers / labels

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Positioning of transparent test tubes / syringes / pipette tips

Solar industry

  • Detection of presence and position of wafers
Object detection of the newest generation Brochure (pdf, 2.52 MB)

SensoPart BlueLight Technology


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