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BlueLight Technology

In darkness, there is light

In darkness there ist light, BlueLight.

See what others can´t

Detecting deep black, glossy, curved, sloping, shiny and transparent parts is a real challenge for a number of industries, often resulting in many - potentially very costly -problems going unnoticed until it´s too late.

Reliable and easy to use, BlueLight sensors deliver a cool, all-in-one sensor solution for applications in a range of market sectors, including automotive, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceuticals.
Simple and cost-effective, they address all your application needs without additional costs or installation time, for comprehensice object detection with no limits. 

Conventional solutions for the reliable detection of challenging parts usually requires investment in additional photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors. 

Optical BlueLight sensors are a cool and cost-efficient alternitive, offering much greater process stability than conventional red light proximity sensors in many critical applications

Developed specifically by SensoPart to recognise objects that are difficult to detect, BlueLight sensors are true all-rounders that deliver the detection efficiency and process stability your critical application demands.

Ideal for use in the automotive, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceuticals industries, these robust, reliable sensors provide an instantaneous response, regardless of the shape, colour, or structure of the object to be detected.

Even when faced with multiple challenges - for example, black objects with a high gloss surface and a wide detection angle - BlueLight sensors offer a fast return on investment of only a few seconds when compared to the significant cost of downtime.

When fast, accurate, and comprehensive object detection is your goal, there really is no need to dwell in the dark.

Blue has no limits - Meet all your sensing needs with one device Brochure (pdf, 9.26 MB)

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SensoPart BlueLight Technology

Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology open up new fields of application
FT 25-BH - Detection of dark or shiny objects
FT 25-BH - Detection of transparent objects
Photoelectric sensor with BlueLight technology
Completeness check of plastic injection-moulded parts: F 10 - Bluelight sensor
Optical filling level detection in microtiter plates with F 10 Bluelight sensor
Monitoring a pick-up station for electronic trays: F 10 - Bluelight sensor
F 10 Bluelight sensor with background suppression
FT 25-BH - Detection of transparent objects