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BlueLight Technology

The NEW Standard

With their flexibility, robustness and process reliability, blue light sensors offer many advantages - they are not just problem solvers but real all-rounders and can therefore easily be used as new standard sensors.

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Overview: Sensors with BlueLight

FT 10-BF

Ideal for mounting on robot grippers with precise, fixed focus background suppression.

FT 10-BH

Save detection of smallest objects and designed for applications with restricted installation conditions.


Two physical switching outputs for optimal sensor adaptation to your applications

FT 25-BF2

Reliable object detection even at very large angles of inclination and a precisely fixed background suppression.

FT 25-BH

Optimum detection of hard-to-detect objects with excellent sensory properties and additional IO-Link interface with switching point adjustment in millimetres.

FT 50-BH

Simple adjustment of scanning range thanks to indicator scale and precisely adjustable background suppression.

FT 55-BH

Safe operation even with reflective or shiny backgrounds and adjustable background suppression (potentiometer).

Detektion von transparenten Beuteln
Detection of bags

Reliable detection of transparent bags with our BlueLight sensors.

Detektion von Trays
Detection of trays

Detection of trays on conveyor belts with BlueLight sensors.

Erkennung von Lippenstiften
Detection of lipsticks

Reliable detection of lipsticks in the cosmetics industry.

Detektion von Plättchen
Detection of plates

Detection of metallic plates with BlueLight sensors.