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Detection & inspection

Reliable detection in every situation

Is the object present? How is it lying on the belt? Is a detail missing or has it been incorrectly assembled?  These and many other applications can be reliably automated with sensors from SensoPart. 

Typical applications

Error? No chance!

One sensor for multiple inspections: The VISOR® Object vision sensor in the color version combines color and object detection in a single device: He can therefore, for example, check the presence of a lid and at the same time check the correct color of the lid.

BlueLight sees more

The sub-miniature proximity sensor FT 10 BlueLight is specially designed for the detection of objects with strongly light-absorbing surfaces – or example of black plastic parts. It even guarantees reliable detection with very reflective or transparent objects. Tiny in size, it can be very easily integrated in production lines.

Always keeps track of everything

A 2D sensor equipped with a variety of detectors offers countless advantages, particularly with components that are inaccurately fed. From simply checking the presence of components or counting objects, to inspection tasks – VISOR® Object is always a reliable solution. It recognises, for example, whether the correct component is arriving in the right position and whether an attachment is possibly missing.

For combined inspection tasks

VISOR® Allround is a true multi-talent among vision sensors. The Allround sensor version unites the functions of VISOR® Object (including calibration, pattern matching, contour, calliper, BLOB) with the powerful tools of VISOR® Code Reader. As a result, it is easily possible to combine tasks, such as, checking the presence and position of a sticker with simultaneous part identification through code reading.

Present or not?

The FT 55-RLHM shows off its talent when normal scanning sensors reach their limits, for example, when detecting flat gaskets, Thanks to its small hysteresis – adjustable via I/O-Link – and large operating range, it guarantees the necessary reliability for utmost quality inspections during object detection.


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