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VISOR® Robotic and URCap

For a seamless connection between Vision sensor and robot.

VISOR® Robotic mit URCap


Tasks in the automation sector are becoming increasingly complex, and expectations of robots are also steadily climbing. SensoPart is therefore expanding its VISOR® series of Vision sensors to include a robotics specialist. Thanks to a URCap software package, the new VISOR® Robotic can communicate directly with Universal Robot systems. This ensures particularly fast and easy configuration of automation tasks.

Speak the same language as robots - thanks to URCap.

In addition to the high-performance hardware of VISOR® Robotic, specially developed URCaps facilitate communication between the Vision sensor and the robot.

These software packages from the UR+ programme are tested and approved by Universal Robots and enable direct data exchange with UR robotics systems. The URCaps handle all the setup steps to ensure communication between the Vision sensor and the robot, and provide prepared  programme routines for calibration and pick-and-place tasks. This makes it possible to quickly get started, and guarantees utmost flexibility. And you can concentrate solely on your application!

Certified by Universal Robots




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