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One with the robot. Easy. Quick. Flexible. VISOR®.

VISOR® Robotic URCap


  • Find all sensors in the network with one click
  • Operate up to 8 VISOR® Robotics in parallel
  • Live image from the vision sensor showing the part position
  • Support from SensoPart‘s "assisted calibration process" (ACP)
  • Backup functions and QuickStart jobsets

There are QR codes available that link to tutorial videos for all important functions.
There are QR codes available that link to tutorial videos for all important functions.
Live image displays of the detected object
Assisted hand-eye calibration: Only three waypoints need to be taught to achieve very high calibration accuracy.
"Easy pick" node for step-by-step setup of pick-and-place applications.

VISOR® Robotic URCap

The VISOR® Robotic URCap enables direct data exchange between VISOR® Robotic and the UR robotic systems. It guides through all the steps necessary to set up vision-guided robotics applications and provides prepared program routines for pick-and-place tasks. This allows a very quick start into the application and at the same time offers highest flexibility.

The VISOR® Robotic in combination with the URCap offers a flexible, fast and robust solution for 2D vision guided robotics. A new program is set up in less than 15 minutes, thanks to:

  • Simple VISOR® configuration
  • Step-by-step guide to camera calibration in the URCap software package
  • Guided commissioning when setting up Pick and Place applications
  • QR codes that link to tutorial videos for each step

Typical applications

Material handling

Application example: Material feed from a carrier (casing parts)


Application example: Screw assembly of components

Machine tending

Application example: Transfer to test station


Application example: Robot feeder system with a vibrating conveyor

Current process values via the SensoWeb software on the panel PC
Quality inspection

Application example: Monitoring the correct application of lubricant

VISOR® Robotic Starter Kit

The VISOR® Robotic Starter Kit consisting of VISOR® Robotic Professional, integrated optics and illumination (red), connection cable, mounting bracket for robot arms and calibration plate allows you to quickly get started with typical pick-and-place applications. For full flexibility in selecting the right vision sensor for your robotics application, take advantage of the extensive portfolio of the VISOR® Robotic product line. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

VISOR® Robotic URCap tutorial videos

#01 Mechanical and electrical installation

#02 Installation and Connection

#03 Calibration "Hand-Eye (Robotics)"

#04 Program Node: VISOR® Robotic App – Easy Pick