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  • VISOR® V20 Code Reader Color, Advanced, Megapixel Chip
  • for OCR, 1D / 2D Codes and object detection
  • 255 jobs with 255 detectors
  • alignment
  • multiple different code types with one reading
  • focal length 12mm
  • white LEDs
  • 10 IO channels
  • encoder inp
  • interface to IO-Box
  • RS422, RS232
  • Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET
Product data
Type V20 Code Reader
Product family V20
Product line Advanced
Resolution 1280x1024 px
Light Type LED, white
Focal distance 12
Depth of field Normal
Interfaces Ethernet / Serial / Encoder / IO-Box

Order Number: 536-91026

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CE ProfiNet
Ethernet IP
Technical specifications
V20 Code Color Advanced - 12mm (1st generation)
Catalogue extract
04 VISOR® Code Reader
Product overview VISOR® (1st generation)
V10/V20 (1. Gen.) Smartcam
VISOR® PC-Software V2.2.0.1
VISOR® installation guide (1. generation)